10 Vital Parts Of The Controversial Ghana-U.S Military Deal You Should Know About

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Ghanaians are challenging their administration’s choice to favor a military manage the United States government that gives U.S. powers and their temporary workers unobstructed access to offices in the nation among other questionable provisos.

This agreement was ratified by parliament last Friday after a minority walkout and protest in and outside the House against the deal which is expected to get Ghana an annual fee of $20 million.

But, what is in this deal that is making Ghanaians angry and paranoid about the military cooperation with the United States?

Here are ten key parts of the agreement that are fuelling the anger of Ghanaians.

Article 2/3
United States forces may undertake the following types of activities in Ghana: training, transit, support and related activities; refueling of aircraft; landing and recovery aircraft; accomodation of personnel; communications; staging and deploying of forces and material; exercises; humanitarian and disaster relief; and other activities as mutually agreed.

Article 3/2
Military personnel may possess and carry arms in Ghana, while on duty if authorized to do so, by their orders, such authorization being made in consultation with the appropriate authorities of Ghana. Military personnel may wear their uniforms while performing official duties.

Culled from Howafrica.com

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