15 Movies Where They Actually ‘Did It’ For Real

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Monster Bal

Halle Berry's award winning performance with Billy Bob Thornton in the film 'Monster ball' has been rumored to source its intensity and lightning vibe with real sex scenes. It is unclear how much acting was involved in this sex scene, but it seems to be real.

Anatomy of Hell

This film is written and directed by Catherine Breillat and has a lot of graphic sex scenes that are depicted for real–because they are real. The film doesn't use simulated sex, and the actors are really doing it on screen.

Little Ashes

Robert Pattinson played Salvador Dal in this film, and one scene involved him pleasuring himself in the film. The actor later admitted that the scene was a little bit too real, and that there wasn't much acting involved on his part.

In the Realm of the Senses
This film is particularly famous for the way that it depicts real life events with real, graphic unsimulated sex scenes between the film's actors in order to keep it realistic. Be warned, this film is extremely graphic and not for the faint of heart.
Everything about this film is strange, and it seems more like a porno that just happens to have a narrative. It was made in 1979 and is full of extremely real sex scenes that happened without much acting being involved.
Romance is a 1999 film that follows a woman who is in love with her boyfriend but receives no intimacy in return for her advances. Her risque situations are depicted graphically on screen, and the actress had real sex in the film.
This French film's title can be translated to some variation of "F**k Me" and if the title is suggestive of anything, it's of how graphic the film is. The actors have sex on screen for real, nothing held back.
Intimacy is an intimate film in a very real way. The film insists on depicting sex between these actors, but they aren't acting very much during the sex scene–in order to give the film authenticity. The film is more than a little bold.
Another film that stays true to its title, Nymphomaniac seems like a film that was a little bit too severe for Western audiences, yet it did well commercially even in the U.S. Trust us when we tell you these scenes are too real.
The Brown Bunny
This American independent film has a lead actor who is also the film's director. Vincent Gallo is both the director and actor, and he is featured in various sex scenes that were performed for real in front of the camera.

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