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Written by Sam Phatey

Has Halifa Sallah forgotten so soon? This is the question that political activist and public administrator Mathew Jallow said the outspoken parliamentarian has done, accusing him of being selective in remembering the recent political history.

Jallow said Mr. Sallah should not criticize President Barrow for the lack of institutional changes, accusing Sallah of being part of the genesis of the current state of affairs.

What does Jallow mean?

According to Jallow, Sallah was the sole adviser to Adama Barrow in the run-up to the swearing-in. During this critical time period, Sallah failed in advising the new government against looking to former President Jammeh’s left-overs for hiring, ignoring the Diaspora, who did “yeoman’s job” in ousting the former corrupt leader.

“In those critical days, Adama Barrow was totally and completely reliant on Halifa Sallah for advice on the type of foundation to lay for the in-coming and later, the newly established Coalition government,” said Jallow.

Meaning Sallah must have had some kind of beef or afraid to have the Diaspora closer and kept them at a distance. Jallow has been particular in criticizing the new foundation being laid down for the new government.

“I have to ask whether Halifa Sallah’s role was to help set President Adama Barrow’s government up for failure? I am increasingly suspicious. I remember the fanatical praise-singers of Halifa Sallah as the “savior” of the Gambia, three months after the new government took power,” Jallow said.

Sallah has refused to take up a job permanently with the Barrow administration as a state minister and quit as a senior policy and governance advisor to become a Member of Parliament.

In President Adama Barrow’s response to the veteran politician: “It is easier for Hon. Sallah to criticize than take responsibility where he can be accountable to the people.”

A handful of senior aides to President Adama Barrow were named for aiding Jammeh in violating financial regulations and swindling millions. This includes Barrow’s Chief of Protocol and Cabinet Secretary.

Unable or unwilling to hire from the Diaspora constituency, many others from the Jammeh administration implicated in corruption and financial mismanagement have been moved into Foreign Service and to some other departments.

But Barrow has been clear that those that want jobs in The Gambia should return and help rebuild the nation and his supporters say the Diasporans are “sitting and waiting for red carpets appointment letters” before opting to return

Culled from Smbc News

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