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Theme: The Gambia We Want
Today December 1st marks the first anniversary since Gambians took the landmark decision to
vote out former president Yaya Jammeh out of office and elected Pres. Adama Barrow as the
third president of this country. TANGO wishes to congratulate Gambians and friends of the
Gambia within the sub-region and Africa as well as in the international community for the
steadfastness, maturity and the peacefulness with which they handled the transition of power.
The decision that Gambians took on 1st December 2016 was not merely to end dictatorship in
our country but was also to usher in a democratic dispensation that upholds the sovereignty of
the citizen, the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms and the establishment of
democratic and accountable governance that will lay the foundation for the sustainable
development of this country.

In light of this, TANGO wishes to call on all Gambians, at home and abroad to commemorate
December 1st as a day when democracy was restored in our motherland. December 1st is the
first time in the history of the Gambia that political power was changed through peaceful
conduct of elections. It is the day when Gambians regained their sovereignty since
independence, which was hijacked and abused by an elected president for two decades. It
marked the moment when Gambians collectively shed off the cloak of fear and desperation to
stand up together to end a culture of violations and impunity in their country. For that matter
TANGO will advocate for the adoption of December 1 as National Democracy Day.

TANGO wishes to therefore inform the general public that it is mobilizing the wider civil society
and citizen groups to embark on a series of activities to mark this day. TANGO’s own
commemoration in collaboration with a broad range of non-state actors will commence on
December 10th, which is the International Human Rights Day. These activities will include a
national press conference by non-state actors, street parades, concerts, policy dialogues and
radio and television talk shows among others. The general public will be adequately informed in
due course on the organization of these activities.

TANGO is commemorating the day under the theme: The Gambia We Want. The theme is a self-
conscious realization that ultimately only Gambians can make or break the Gambia. The theme
is drawn from a sense of empowerment and national ownership that only citizens can
determine the kind of state and society they want. It is a recognition that never again will
Gambians remain mute, dormant and indifferent to the issues and their concerns about their
country or aid and abet bad leadership and poor governance. Rather henceforth Gambians will
become active participants in the governance of their country knowing full well that only an
active and vigilant citizenry is the only panacea to bad governance, corruption and poor

TANGO therefore invites all citizens, public institutions, private sector firms, civil society groups,
trade unions, the academia, the media and religious and community leaders and indeed all
stakeholders to commemorate the day in their various ways and places as a National Democracy

When Gambians decided on December 1st they decided for respect for human rights, social
justice and equality and adherence to the rule of law under a democratic dispensation
characterized by a transparent, accountable and inclusive governance system that ensures
sustainable development. That is to say that Gambians decided on December 1st against abuse
of power, corruption, political patronage, human rights violations, and disregard of the
constitution and the rule of law.

TANGO will continue to provide more information on the modalities of the commemoration.

Forward with the Gambia!

John Charles Njie
TANGO Board Chair

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