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NyangSarang Jobe, an employee of The Point Newspaper and one of the direct victims of the fatal attack that took the life of Deyda Hydara on the night of the 16 December, 2004, has formally requested for compensation from The Gambia government.

In a letter to the Attorney General, Minister of Justice dated 15th of December, 2017, Ms Jobe’s legal representative Malick H.B. Jallow Esq. said “… it is with great satisfaction and relief that we learnt that the Republic of the Gambia has finally committed itself to respecting and implementing the decision of the Ecowas Court to award compensation to the family of the deceased Deyda Hydara. It is my position that such goodwill and commitment should be extended to my client by also awarding her reasonable compensation as a result of acute harm suffered in the same transaction that led to the death of Mr. Hydara… we believe this is consistent and in harmony with President Barrow’s laudable commitment to accountability for the rights abuses committed under former president Jammeh.”

On Dec. 16, 2004, Ms. Jobe who was in the same vehicle with Mr. Hydara was shot in the left leg during the vicious attack and sustained serious wounds to her knee which continues to cause her excruciating pain, suffering and discomfort.

Additionally, she also suffered fundamental hardship occasioned by living in exile for several years after the incident to evade a genuine threat to her safety and security in the aftermath of the attack, given the acute political dimensions involved.

Culled from the Point

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