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Referred by some people as Gambia’s “most wanted criminal”, ex-President Yahya Jammeh’s name has been absent from the list compiled by Gambia’s security and intelligence authorities.

This list came on the heels of the recent “security scandal” that hit The Gambia following the entry into the country of two top army generals loyal to Jammeh. The two were based in Equatorial Guinea with Yahya Jammeh since the dictator fled the country into exile last year.

The list is already distributed to various border posts, security installations, and entry points around the country in a bid to improve alertness of the system that exists. It comprises names of 17 military officials, some of whom fled the country after Jammeh left for Equatorial Guinea, while others even before he departed.

The other home-based suspects being investigated for alleged crimes are not made public so far, The Point can confirm.

Lt. Col. Solo Bojang, Gen. Umpa Mendy, Warrant Officer Class 1 Malick Manga, Warrant Officer Class 1 Nfansu Nyabally, Lt. Col. Sana Manjang, Maj. Modou Jarjue, Maj. Landing Tamba, Maj. Kawsu Camara, Staff Sgt. Saikouba Jarjue, Staff Sgt. Sulayman Sambou, Lt. Col. Nuha Badjie, Capt. Mustapha Sanneh, Capt. Michael Kora, Capt. Michael Jatta, Gen.  Ansumana Tamba, Gen. Bora Colley, and Lt. Gen Sulayman Badjie have their names and faces pasted on the page on the wall of several security installations in town. 

However, what is still baffling is the matter of former President, whether or not he is “officially wanted” by the government of The Gambia, in connection with crimes allegedly committed by him or in his name.

“Jammeh’s name is not included and there is no arrest warrant issued for him,” a security source said. “Technically, even if he walks through the airport today, we do not have authority to effect an arrest on him,” the source added.

Fallout with Jammeh?

Chief of Defense Staff of the Gambia Armed Forces has said that the arrested generals, AnsumanaTamba and Umpa Mendy returned home after falling out with the former president in his exile base.

“Preliminary investigations revealed the two were dissatisfied with their living conditions and had strained relations with the former president in Equatorial Guinea,” Gen. Kinteh is reported to have said at a press conference held on Saturday.

The General Kinteh admitted “security lapse” at the National Security Council for their lack of intel on the return of the two generals from exile, hence an inquiry has been set up to look into this. The two generals deserted their duty posts hence showing their disloyalty to the state and stayed away for a year, Kinteh explained.

In Malabo

Meanwhile, family sources of Umpa Mendy have said the general has been complaining of life in exile since June 2017, seeking to return despite security implications of his entry into the country.

What is not still clear was what were the Jammeh loyalist military “deserters” not “satisfied” with even though media reports claim the dictator was living “a five-star lifestyle” in an isolated island from mainland Malabo.

Some sources also point to cutting off of Jammeh’s sources of offshore funding, when the U.S. Treasury frozen his assets and shell companies outside of The Gambia. “Jammeh had called his men in December and informed them that they were free to return if they choose to,” a top intelligence source also added. 

Author: Sanna Camara
Culled from The Point newspaper 

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