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The Grüne party in Deutschland on Wednesday, 14th February 2018, organised a political meeting dubbed  Politischer Aschermittwoch in the Stadthalle (City Hall) of Biberach.
Wednesday's meeting, 14th February 2018, is the 23rd time, since the district association of Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen (Green party) organizes its political meeting. Approximately 1,200 people from the Baden-Württemberg Region attended the meeting. 
This day February 14th, marks the end of the Fastnacht (a traditional festival) and each year some parties organize meetings called Politischer Aschermittwoch.
Speaking on the occasion, the keynote speaker of the ceremony Baden-Württemberg's Ministerpräsident, Winfried Kretschmann delved on several issues such as immigration, socio-economic development, politics and many other issues regarding his party and the country's development.
Claudia Roth, Bundestag Vice President and a senior member of the Grüne party, delivered a statement. 
Also present at the ceremony were prominent speakers of the Grüne party and the Regional chairman Oliver Hildenbrand, welcomed the guests. 
Members of the SOS (Selbst Organisierte Systeme) Dream Team in Villingen-Schwenningen were invited to attend the political meeting.
This is the second meeting that the SOS Team had with the Baden-Württemberg's Ministerpräsident, Winfried Kretschmann and the group used the opportunity to remind him of the situation of refugees and migrants especially Gambians.
Last year, Yaya Sonko represented the SOS Team and delivered a message and this year was Assan Sallah's turn. Although there was no much time for the team to have a chance to address the gathering due to busy schedule of the Ministerpräsident but they had the chance to meet him and delivered a document containing a special message regarding solutions towards the plight of migrants and refugees especially Gambians.
"Migration is a global issue and therefore it should be solved globally," said Assan Sallah, head of the SOS Dream Team's Press Group. 
"Our message was clear especially for Gambians in the Baden-Württemberg Region. We told the Ministerpräsident Winfried Kretschmann in our message that Asylum law should remain asylum law!"
He added: "We told him that anyone learning, working or completing a social year should be allowed to stay there for the time being!"
According to him, they informed  Kretschmann  that the Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis Region has managed 4 initial reception camps with thousands of refugees between 2015 and 2018.
Also in their message, he said, they further informed the Ministerpräsident that eliminating the causes of migration in the countries of origin means training refugees here so that they can later act as German-speaking partners in their stabilized homeland!
"We appealed for Gambians to be given a right to stay, integrate properly and work inorder to contribute effectively to the socio-economic development of the society in which they live and as well improve their living conditions. We also informed him that this will permit those who does not have any profession to be trained to acquire skills in various walks of life or any profession of their choice that will help them to work to be independent whether in Germany or Gambia any time in the future. We equally informed Winfried Kretschmann that Regional partnerships can accelerate this process easily, as well as the Gambian-Baden Württemberg connection".
Members of the delegation from the SOS Dream Team were, Uli Manz, head of the team; Benedikt Drolshagen; Haroldo Widmann Conrad; Ulrich Hahn; Christian Keller; Regine Kornhaas; Christa Lorcher, MdB, i.R.; Johannes Kwiasowski; Assan Sallah, head of the Press group; Biran Ceesay; Musa Keita and Lamin Janneh.

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