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The African Union says it will back The Gambia’s reform program just a little more than a year after it outlawed the country’s erstwhile authoritarian ruler for nearly plunging the country into a civil war.

The continent’s union deputy chair, Thomas Kwesi Quartey said the African Union will support President Adama Barrow’s civil service, education and food security reform programs.


The UN, IMF and the World Bank has also pledged to back the West African state after surviving decades of isolation and oppressive rule under ex-President Yahya Jammeh.

Since coming to power, Barrow’s government has restored Gambia’s standing in the international community and regained its respect in the diplomatic world.

The Gambia is home to Africa’s human rights body. Under Jammeh, the African Commission on Humans and Peoples’ rights was nearly removed from The Gambia over the country’s deteriorating rights situation.


Barrow released all political prisoners, ensured free speech and upheld the rule of law. He has vowed to bring the Gambia back as the champion and model for democracy and human rights on the African continent.

The Gambia is mainland Africa’s smallest nation and one of its poorest. Its new government is trying to reverse decades-long economic isolation and has made improvements in reducing corruption over the year, according to Transparency International.

Culled from SMBC news 

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