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Gambia- The director general (DG), of the State Intelligence Services (SIS), Ousman Sowe, has expressed with great emphasis the significance of paying taxes to government, saying it’s critically important for national security.

 DG Sowe went on to say that for the sake of our national economy, development and sustainable national security, “we need to have taxes paid.”

According to him, for national security to be ensured, paying of taxes is critical because defence and all other security related subventions are funded through the national budget.

He also cited that our national budget is what is mainly paying for the administration, salaries, logistics and operational cost of all the security apparatus as funds derived from the collected taxes are deposited in the Consolidated Revenue Fund.

“To better appreciate the importance of paying  tax to national security, let’s imagine the implications and complications for the defense, intelligence and security services that are without required resources for their administrative, logistics, salaries and operations”.  “This will no doubt pose a serious challenge to peace, stability, security and development with unimaginable consequence for our national security”. DG Sowe emphasized.

In view of the foregoing and other related reasons, paying tax is important as it is as a civic duty, is also critically important for the maintenance and sustenance of national security without which national development cannot be guaranteed.

Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh
Source: Picture: DG Yankuba Darboe,GRA & DG Ousman Sowe, SIS
Culled from The Point.

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