A Date with Destiny”

Mamos Media

Thank You, Chairman: For autographed copy of your book:
Alagi Yorro Jallow
When I received this euphoric book, an autobiographical memory recollection “A Date with Destiny” autographed copy from Demba Ali Jawo delivered to me by the mailman, I was filled with awesomeness. This was such a marvelous and unanticipated gift during this holy month of Ramadan! Thank you so magnificently for the beautiful book; it is truly a work of art. I am completely blown away by the quality of materials and by the consistent craftsmanship. This book is flawless and indistinguishable from the last. I am thrilled with the book turning your ideas about artwork into tangible reality.
Chairman, since your book, has been garnering rave reviews from fans. Do not get me wrong, and I love all your books and books authored by Gambians, as my overflowing basement will attest. This autographed copy of mine has a short note in addition to your signature, a flat- signed and my name inscribed on the first page of the book with words afterwords, and a power of words, the impact in the power of your words. I cannot but feel highly gratified for the courtesy of sending me a complimentary copy in the United States.
Thank you, Chairman. The book cover was as inspiring as a mortuary signpost. The pages thinner than my grandmother’s worn-out broom, Yes. Do not let the 157-pages of this book fool you. This book is more explosive than a ten-ton nuclear bomb. It is written in the most refined English you can ever come across. The narrative is a product of a profound, extensive introduction to biographical research chronicled. The flow is top-drawer. This book is an Anthropologist’s holy grail.
I feel privileged to have landed this one, not just because the author is Gambian. His life story will easily resonate with many rural Gambians across the board. However, because young aspiring writers usually wonder where to begin, meaning that you get the feeling you could follow suit! Chairman Demba Ali Jawo tells his story from the beginning, growing up, overcoming adversity, and walking the unique path of success, where hurdles abound, but the decisive triumph.
The book begins from right inside a giant saltshaker. Demba Jawo struggles to lionize the life of a typical villager of a young Fulani origin, who is destined to face some trials and tribulations living in a capital city to improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential with a personal purpose and personal goals in symbiotic visions in one’s vocation, as well as fulfilling of one’s intellectual and personality growth.
There is an honesty and authenticity to this rare story among Gambian writers as he delves into his life, letting the delicate and the sensitive find their equilibrium in the book’s pages, in a journey of love, life and lessons. A Date with Destiny comes in abundance!
This book has a mashed-up introduction that connects the rural-urban cranial structure of a modern Gambia. Moreover, that is about the only piece of archaeological information that genuinely inspires me with the same trajectory as Demba Jawo. Otherwise, the other information in this book is as crisp as a new banknote.
I love biographies, and Demba Jawo wasted no time kicking off my salivary amylase by reminding the villager that life is always preordained for in one’s life.
I could choose to be here the whole day waxing lyrical about the ground-breaking information I have consumed from this book, but because of Ramadan, let me end this note, not a complete review but kindly flip through the preface to Page 156 and read for yourselves. Chairman, I have already facilitated book reviews and informed my colleagues, friend, marketing consultants for distribution and network of friends in Literati Café that served the neighborhood and a larger community of writers in North America about this book, ‘A Date with Destiny.’

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