“Do It You Can Do More Than This,” Gambian Activist Tells President Barrow

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Dear President,

I wish to express my deepest sympathy and sorry to you and your cabinet and the entire Gambia particularly to the hard hit affected Gambian by the evil spell of Corona virus. Although the pandemic has affected all in one way or the other.

Mr President, your government has been doing terremendeous well in trying to install democracy and good governance both inside and outside the Gambia. That was one of the reasons why Gambia government defended Rohinga Muslim minority at the International Court of Justice IJC.

We could recall that Gambia’s former Justice Minister Abubacarr Tambadou in the month of December 2019 and Myanmar’s leader Aung San Suu Kyi attended a hearing in a case filed by Gambia government against Myanmar alleging genocide against the minority Muslim Rohingya in The Hague, Netherlands which ended in favour of Gambia.

One may ask why this reminder? Well Your Excellency, this reminder is aimed at drawing your attention to Gambia’s fight for good governance and Rule of Law(ROL).

Your Excellency, it’s no longer new to anyone in the Gambia both at home here and abroad, that the nation had gone through a hard moment under former president Yahya Jammeh lead Government and as a result, Gambians and members of the international Communities came together and fought for a total end to his regime.

Today we are deeply worried about the current course of  atmosphere in  Gambia.
Mr President whether you are aware of it or not but I want to tell you that Gambians really need help in every sector of our everyday life.

Security, development, good governance,  Democracy and rule of law that we fought for is under treat.

Your Excellency, the current detention and charge made against Mr Madi Jobarte was uncalled for and therefore undermined our democracy which granted us freedom of expression. Mr Madi Jobarte is a citizen of your country which gives him the full right to express his toughts without been harres or intimidate by anyone expecialy members of the security force. I therefore stand in solidarity with Mr Madi Jobarte.
With all due respect Your Excellency, Gambians are not happy  with the current happening in the Gambia. What was made on Mr Madi Jobarte could be seeing by the Gambian and international Communities as a point of revival to the era of the GONE which we will never pray for. The slogan of NEVER AGAIN should not be a mere song of ST Brikama boyo or the King of Kora Jaliba Kuyateh. It should start since the day you took office as the third President of The Gambia.

However, the security of the Gambia is seriously under jepodiy despite the establishment of Anti- Crime unit , it’s ovious that the crime rate in the Gambia is escalating. The rampant rubbery and recently arm attacked at Kerr Pateh village In the North Bank Region is a clear manifestation that we are under security treat because our properties are not protected. This is really embarrassing your Excellency. In other to combat this, it’s deem necessary for the establishment of  task force which will comprise of the Army, the police force as well as immigration and prison service. In my own opinion the above mentioned force if equipped can go a long way in stabilising strong internal security in  the country.

Moreover, fire outbreaks in the country is also something devastating and I believe your government should look into it. One of the main market in Upper River Region in the town of Basse was burnt down to ash likewise Serrekunda and Brikama market in west coast region respectfully. All this course lost of income to the government and as well as the business owners. I believe that if proper attention is giving to the fire outbreaks, it will go a long way in reducing it.

Your Excellency, it was so devastating and unwelcoming that the Vice President Dr Touray had to say that Gambian youths are useless. It’s ovious that the Youths of the Gambia are not useless. We are useful but the fact of the matter is that we are not giving the opportunity to do our quater in national development. We are always desperate to work.

There are hundreds of Gambian youths selling in the market expecialy Brikama market using tables and wheelbarrows some walk through the market others place there goods on the ground. Majority of this people have tried hard to have a shop in the market but they were denied vehemently and shops were given to the people of other nationalities. Because they believe that those people gives more bribe money than Gambian citizens.  Ask me who are the people doing this? I will respond to you happily by saying AREA COUNCIL.  This is indeed sympathetic.

Your Excellency I will conclude my letter by sending my heartfelt condolences to the Family of Imam Alhagi  Banding Drammeh who has fought with his soul for the development of Islam In The Gambia. May Allah Grant Him Jannatul fridaws ameen.

Bakary J. Janneh

Mr Janneh is the Founder and Chairperson of Writers Award Gambia and the country’s President of Writers Global Movement Gambia Chapter

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