Gambia: A Poultry Farmer Decries Lack Of Reliable Market

Mamos Media

By Sheriff Saidykhan

Ms Maimuna Badjie, the Proprietress of Muna’s Poultry Farm at Brusubi has said the lack of reliable market is affecting poultry farming in the Gambia.

Maimuna said the consistent customer base for local poultry products is not helping the industry to grow. She made these revelations to The MAMOS MEDIA at her poutry farm in Brusubi.

Badjie who started poultry farming seven years ago, said she has always been facing difficulties in the marketing of the chickens and eggs from her farm produces. She said the only time that she makes good sales is during the tourist seasons when hotels would buy locally- produced eggs in large quantities.

“But when the season ends, we find it difficult to sell the eggs,” said Maimuna Badjie.

Ms Badjie said she could not make partnership with hotels because they would take eggs on credit and it ttakes a month before they would pay.

“As a small scale farmer, that is not helpful to my business,” she lamented.

She lamented that the local markets are not reliable, with low sales “yet, mature chickens can’t be kept longer” because that requires extra costs of feeding.

“When the broiler chickens are forty-five [45] days old, you have to sell them because keeping them will need extra cost of feeding and one bag of their food cost 15,000. I buy 21 bags for the forty-five days,” the female poultry farmer said.  

The Propreitress of Muna Poultry Farm discloses that some of her chickens have died, whilst the importation of chicks from Senegal drains her expenditures.

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