Activist advises Barrow to appoint competent cabinet members

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

President Adama Barrow has been advised to appoint competent people into his cabinet in his next administration, instead of appointing sycophants, in order to bring development to the country.

The call comes after Barrow won a legal challenge brought against him by his former political party, United Democratic Party, who sought the Supreme Court to scrap his election victory as the party, UDP, cited the election was not ‘fair’.

However, US-based Gambian activist, Pa Samba Jaw, offered that Gambians now have high hope for development, adding that Barrow should endeavour to register many developments by appointing competent people in his cabinet.

“President Barrow should understand that the people have given him a mandate and the mandate not just for its sake but a mandate to ensure that there is development in this country, to ensure that there are fundamental and constitutional rights in this country. Also he must not rest on his prowess and just believe that people love him, because Gambians do not have time,” he said.

The activist added that The Gambia has been underdeveloped for more than 56 years due to overstaying of both former presidents Jawara and Jammeh, and therefore urged President Barrow to avoid swaying into their footsteps in order to be first most admired Gambian president in history for respecting the constitution of the country.

Mr Jaw also urged President Barrow to help bring back the rejected constitution and entrench presidential term limit.


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