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Africa In Desparation

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A Poem

By Muhammed L Bojang

Oh, Africa! My dear motherland with profound gratitude but where Is your hope for the brighter future?

Your cream began to melt and your backbone to carry your workforce has been broken.Your young trees are yet to bear fruits and your seedlings are yet to see the sunlight.Your apples have been burnt by the sun and your old have no chair to lean after a long journey.The caravans are still going and when shall they return?

The waters in your ocean are drunk by your hopes instead of stocks and the desert became a cemetery of your lightening torches.

A game In Savannah has just begun only the strong and the toughest survive in the forest and the weak are used as bait to trap fortunes. An agony of misery continues.
The mice are still on your roof searching for your treasures and now all your treasures are glittering far away from you.

All your ammunition has been fired and now you are left with an empty barrel and the war has just begun.

All your tears are now dried out because you have been crying your misfortunes for so long.

The darkness is still on and when shall the moon shine bright?All your bright stars are shining in your neighbourhood.All your dreams for a brighter future never come into reality.

Oh, my dear mama Africa I wish you could be a load which can be carried, then I would have given you to Nelson Mandela, Kwame Krummah, Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara, Thomas Sankara, Leopold Sedat Senghore, Saikou Toure and others to carry you.Then you would have been the brightest star on the sky.

Author: Muhammed L Bojang

A Gambian Journalist

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