African Descendants Foundation Provides Borehole To Busura Median

Mamos Media

By Ousman A. Marong

A civic group, the African Descendants Foundation on Saturday donated a borehole to the people of Busura Medina in Brikama South, West Coast Region, prior to which the residents obtained drinking water by walking about a kilometre from the village or from a nearby stream.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony at Busura Media, the chairperson of the African Descendants Foundation, Ms Juliet Nyancho Kujabi said the borehole was meant to provide potable clean drinking water to the people of Busura Medina. She added that the Foundation provided funding for the construction of the borehole through a gift of D300, 000.

“This project started because we as African descendants were looking for another home to live, contribute to the local community and the local economy, as well as to help work with our brothers and sisters here in the village. If we did not come together and work as a community, there is no hope for the future. We have to work together because we are brothers and sisters,” Ms Kujabi said.

She said many of them from the diaspora who are African descendants were coming back to Africa and needed to find somewhere they can call home.

“We need to find places that we can adopt as our home. We are coming back home, this is our home, it is our birth right and we are asking for automatic citizenship for all African descendants,” she remarked.

On his part, Ebrima Jimboi Kujabi, head of the Village Development Committee, commended the donors for their timely intervention in supporting the community with potable drinking water. He also called on the youths to tighten their belts for the development of the village.

Speaking at the occasion, Lamin J. Sanneh, National Assembly Member for Brikama North called on the people of Busura Medina to take good care of the borehole.

“I have not heard from all the speakers who spoke here to give their strategy or plans for sustainability. I know the issue of water was not imposed on you people. Therefore, bringing this project to your doorsteps is one thing, but sustainability is also key. History has taught us many lessons; there were lots of boreholes dug in different parts of the country but today you go to those places, they are all either dilapidated or completely broken down. So we must have a strategy to put in place in order to make sure of its sustainability,” he concluded.

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