AGA expresses willingness to work with ministries of Health, Education

Mamos Media

By Cherno Omar Bobb

Angela Rose, Founder Altogether Giving Africa (AGA) UK/Gambia has expressed her organisation’s readiness to work in collaboration with the Gambia’s ministries of Health and Education in the long term.

Sister Angie, as she is widely referred to, made these remarks in a recent interview with Mamos Media at Seaview Hotel during their two weeks mission to the Gambia.

AGA has been supporting Gambians for years and she added that their aim is to be part of the change and added benefit by working with the ministries of health and basic and secondary education.

However, she pointed out that they found out that where they are most effective is at the grassroots.

“What is very important to us as an organisation is the young people,” she stated, adding: “we have to think about our future generation as well as what we can do for Africa and not what Africa can do for us.”

She pointed out that in the diaspora they have many skills and when they come to our homeland it is important that they invest in human development.

She observed that infection control is a big deal in The Gambia but was quick to add that it is a preventative measure.

She further said that we have to create an environment where we can look at health and safety, infection control, provide and protect our health and wellbeing because without health we do not have anything.

The organisation is expanding its support to rural areas and Sister Angie said they are monitoring the donations they receive so that they can be effective when they donate to communities.

“We do not want to donate people things that will not benefit them,” she said. She went on to thank those who have been donating to them freely in UK, saying they donate to them because they know AGA is transparent.

“Our integrity is what drives us,” she further said, noting that commitment, honesty, accountability and respect is also imbedded in everything they do.

She appealed to their Gambian brothers and sisters to work in collaboration with them to exchange skills.

The founder of AGA also expressed gratitude to their Gambian team and Old Jeshwang health center, saying she is proud of what they have achieved.

She finally thanked her UK team which she described as the engine for everything they do.

Isatou Lovelace, Gambian Coordinator for AGA said they have been supporting Gambians because they want to add benefit to what is already here.

She added that they have not been able to come to The Gambia since 2019 when the pandemic hit but continued to collect donations and send them for their Gambian team to distribute.

Sister Isatou said they will like their health day at Old Jeshwang health center to become a yearly national event but also for them to start an education event.

“Our focus is predominantly health and education but there is so much more we can do and build on those two areas,” she stated.

Karen Rowe, Health Coordinator for AGA said they started their health day at Old Jeshwang health center in 2014, helped with infection control, hygiene, but also donated other materials in the process.

Sister Karen who is a nurse in UK said she would like to bring her experience to The Gambia to help improve people’s health and wellbeing.

Kebba Banja, President of AGA Gambia said the organisation had been helping Gambians to ensure people do not suffer without expecting anything in return.

He added that the organisation is not only supporting Gambians but everyone residing in The Gambia.

Mr. Banja therefore thanked the organisation for its support over the years, saying these are the kind of organisations we need to develop the Gambia.


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