Agric minister gives update on cattle drinking points, other projects

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

Responding to questions from lawmakers on Tuesday, the Minister of Agriculture, Agriculture Minister Amie Fabureh, said this year there is no plan to provide livestock drinking facilities for Sami Pochonki in the Central River Region.

However, she added that two other villages: Raneru and Demfaye within the Sami Constituency have already been provided with drinking points.

“Through the ruminant project and the adopting agriculture for climate change project, it is worth noting that the medium and long term plans are to have livestock drinking points in every community with a population of more than two thousand heads of cattle,” she said.

She added that the livestock population in Pochonki from the latest records stands at1900 heads of cattle and about1500 sheep.

When asked about the steps taken by her ministry to regain the occupied mix farming center in Kantora constituency, the Agriculture minister said the army and other security apparatus occupied the mix farming center for nearly five consecutive years, adding that it was a learning center for farmers to learn and adopt new techniques to boost production. She however said the stores were tampered with and transformed into to dormitories. Regardless of that, she assured that her ministry will engage the minister responsible in a dialogue to find lasting solutions regarding the mix farming center since it is very important for the extension delivery system.

The Agriculture minister was also asked if Niamina West was part of the Route Project. Her response was positive and added: “Niamina West is part of the 39 districts selected to benefit from the route project.”

She further told deputies that the projection was developing a sensitisation campaign to inform the target population on how to request for project assistance.

“This new project will be sustained as both proper sustainability plans are set already and the proper assessments also is done,” she disclosed.


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