Angela Markel Wins 4th Term

Mamos Media

By Assan Sallah in Germany

German Chancellor Angela Markel has won the general election held on Sunday, 24 September, 2017 again for the fourth term. Her conservative party CDU/CSU registered 32.8% whilst the second largest party SPD under the leadership of Martin Schulz got 20.7% of the total votes cast.

Other parties such as the AFD, headed by Alexander Gauland, which is the right wing party that is anti Europe and foreigners especially refugees, has registered 13.2% of the total votes cast. The Green party led by Cem Ozdemir & Katrin Godring Eckardt, had 9.3%; Christian Lindner of the FDP party scored 10.4% ; whilst Sahra Wagenknecht & Dietmar Bartsch of the Linke (Left) party scored 9.0% and Others 4.8%.

According to political analysts who were at the Counting Center in Donaueschingen, there was a 75% voter turnout generally. Political analysts also say that the CDU has witnessed the worst election results since 70 years back (World War 11) but will remain the largest party in the German Parliament.

However, the right wing AFD Populist Party has also secured more than 13% of the total votes and has won 87 seats in the Parliament.

Usually there are 631 members of Parliament in Germany. Chancellor Angela Markel’s party won 218 seats in Parliament, SPD won 138 seats and the AFD won 87 seats. Other parties that could not win more than 5% of the votes will not have any representative at the Parliament.

Mamos Tv has also conducted interviews with some politicians and election observers at the counting center. Details of this interview will be published tomorrow afternoon.


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