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APRC spokesman blasts opposition over rejecting election results | LOCAL NEWS | Mamos Media LTD

APRC spokesman blasts opposition over rejecting election results

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine 

Spokesman for the Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) Dodou Jah has lashed out at opposition figures who refused to concede defeat after losing the elections to President Adama Barrow.

Leaders of the United Democratic Party, the Gambia Democratic Congress and independent candidate Essa Mbye Faal rejected the results, saying that the election was not fair.

However, Faal later called Barrow to congratulate him.

Adama Barrow, 56, a former estate agenct secured 53% of the votes leaving his political mentor and rival Ousainou Darboe with 27% of the votes.

Mr Jah described Darboe and Kandeh as a shocked opposition who never believed they would be battered with such a huge margin in the first post-Jammeh presidential election seen as a test for democracy in The Gambia.

“Secondly why I was not surprised that they rejected the results is because our system is on-the-spot counting and everyone has an agent in the various polling stations and now if you say it is not fair what does that mean? They had agents in every polling station and how this election was conducted made both local and international observers confirm that it was free and fair,” he said.

“But those who rejected the results thought they were going to win the election and since they could not get what they wanted, I think that pushed them to reject the results and believe they were cheated. So, if you see yourself only and believe that without you there is nobody else that is something that can always shock you,” he added.

“I think the opposition will still exist but whether opposition can remove Adama Barrow in power as far as the grand coalition is still in place working hand in hand with Adama Barrow. I do not think the opposition can remove Adama Barrow from power. But if anyone wants to run on his/her own then Adama Barrow will be here for a while,” Jah said.


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