Armed Robbers Attack Njaba Kunda Groundnut Secco

Mamos Media

A gang of armed robbers on Saturday Dec. 23 attacked the Njaba Kunda Groundnut Secco in the North Bank Region (NBR) and went away with some cash amounting to D87, 000.

The armed robbers who were six in number believed to attack the said Secco with locally manufactured guns and cutlasses.

The night watchman at the Secco was tied-up by the robbers and locked inside a room before they successfully embark on their operations.

Our source in NBR added that the suitcase which was containing the money was dismantled by the robbers and they went away with the money. However, the night watchman was not hurt by the robbers but he was complaining about internal body pain.

The security in the region, our source stated, were only informed about the incident when the robbers had already left. They were reported to have entered in Senegal.

NBR and URR are one of the regions that are prone to armed robbery. It could be recalled that it is just less than one week when a gang of armed robbers attacked Diabugu and beaten a Mauritanian businessman who was hospitalised at Basse District Hospital.

Author: Momodou Jawo
Culled from The Point newspaper

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