Arrested Jungular reveals how two Gambian-Americans were killed

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By Lamin Jassey

As investigators dig more and more into the fate of two Gambian – Americans who were arrested by security agents of the former president Jammeh's government, more startling revelations are being made day by day.

Alhagie Mamut Ceesay and Ebou Jobe were arrested by state security agents in June 2013 and have disappeared since then.

Despite the numerous calls for their release and several efforts done by human rights organizations,  civil society groups,  activists,  and international agencies including the UN human rights commission,  the US State Department,  etc,  the two Gambian -Americans are no where to be seen.

The latest information coming from one of the jungulars who is in state custody reveals how Alhagie Mamut Ceesay and Ebou Jobe were brutally killed by former President Yaya Jammeh's killers in Kanilai.

Gambian activists and human rights defender Lamin Jassey wrote an interesting piece on this startling revelation.

Below we reproduce his story in detail.

"One of the most notorious members of  Ex President Jammeh's (killers) Jungulars, has told Military Investigators how the Gambian-Americans, Alhagie Mamour Ceesay, 39, and his childhood friend Ebou Jobe, 41, were arrested.
The Jungular (name withheld), told investigators that on that fateful day, he led a team of Jungulars to the rented apartment of the two Gambian-Americans after putting the place under surveillance for few days.

The two were arrested and taken to the notorious NIA for questioning. They were later led to the State House, where they met with President Jammeh face to face. Jammeh ordered that they be taken to Kanilai and be 'dealt with' the Jungular said. They were escorted to Kanilai, where they were killed and buried, the Jungular concluded.

The investigators are now waiting for the Coroner's permission to go and exhume the remains of the two. We must commend the authorities for their swift actions on these investigations." the report concludes.


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