Bakary J Janneh Calls On Mali Mutineers To Release The President and Return To Barracks

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Bakary J Janneh Gambian Pan Africanist and a Human Right Activist has called on the Military in Mali to release the President Ibrahim Abubacarr Keita and return to Barracks.

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In my total disappointment and dismay, I write to condemn the resent mutiny in Mali by the members of Mali military force in totality. The actions of the military to uproot the democratic elected government of Mali, is uncalled for and therefore undermined the Constitution and democracy of the republic of Mail, and has also gone against the African Union agenda 2020 and the agreement made by the Economic Communities of West African States ECOWAS to put and end to military took over in the Regional Block.

The uprising of the opposition party should not give the army the opportunity to topple the democratic elected government of Mali. His Excellency Ibrahima Abubacarr keita was elected in to office through a popular vote. If the opposition party and the section of the military is not happy with the ruling party, let them wait for the next general election to demand the electorates to vote against his party.

There is no way that military take over should allow to continue in Africa.
We have a long gone bad experience in Africa whenever the military took over the power.

African Union agenda to silence guns in Africa by 2020 should be observe and to make sure that it’s achieved.

Let the military release the president of Mali and return back to the barracks.

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