Barrolle Proves Supremacy Over IE

Mamos Media

By Nyima Jadama

More than 30 journalists from across Germany recently converged at the Berlin Google office for a day‘s training seminar on data journalism. The  event is organized by the Neu Deutsche MedienMacher in collaboration with Google News Lab in Berlin.

The objective of the day-long training is to help boost the knowledge and experience of migrant journalists who have less or no knowledge about digital story-telling, conducting research for visual story-telling and verification of data on google platform.

The participating journalists drawn from various print and electronic media houses learnt and discussed about various topics including Digital story-telling, analyzes with Google Trends, topics currently getting the most attention online, tools available for verifying user-generated content, google maps and etc.

The trainers were Isabelle Sonnenfeld Google News Lab Berlin and Marco Maas Founder & CEO Datafreunde GmbH / Open Data City and Mosjkan Ehrari Neue deutsche Medienmacher.


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