Barrow pays unannounced visit to Gam Petroleum fuel depot

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

President Adama Barrow on Thursday paid an unannounced visit to Gam Petroleum at their facility’s fuel storage depot in Mandinary, West Coast Region (WCR).

In addition to fuel storage for local consumption, the company also facilitates as a storage facility for onward supply to the sub-region, mainly Mali, making it a key sub-regional hub.

During the visit, President Barrow disclosed that the visit was to access and get firsthand information about the state of the petroleum facility and also discussed plans to improve, expand and enhance solid security and protection for the facility. According to him, there was a great need to solidly protect the facility for it to be entirely managed by Gambians and also to build the capacities of the staff for effective and efficient management.

It was also revealed during the visit that $50 million was budgeted for the building of a Gam Petroleum terminal which would consist of 17 fuel tanks with a total storage capacity of 51,000 metric tonnes of heavy and light fuel oils as well as Liquid Propane Gas (LPG). It was highlighted further that 19 loading bays for tanker trucks, a state of the art technology in gauging, a metering equipment, a fully equipped LPG bottling plant and 3 off-shore pipelines of 2.5 km each to access the draft for birthing big fuel tankers were to be included.

“Earlier on, I set up an investigation team to come and find out what exactly is happening here, how this place is administered and after the investigation, there was an audit report that examined the number of staff but there was a vacancy for the position of a Human Resource Manager, and we are still recommending for the position of a Deputy Managing Director to be filled,” President Barrow said.

“We want to build capacity here. We want this place to be protected because this is a huge business and is managed by Gambians. Therefore, to move forward, we have to protect and secure this place which is why I am here,” he concluded.


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