Biden’s lead in Nevada slightly widens with latest ballot count update

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On-air Analysis from CNN’s John King / Written by CNN’s Maureen Chowdhury

Joe Biden’s lead in Nevada slightly increased with the latest batch of votes coming in from the state.

With 91% of the vote currently reported, Biden is up about 20,000 votes, CNN’s John King said.

“That’s a modest lead, right? But just as in the other states when we get the new votes, what do we do? We look at the trajectory of the race,” King said.

In Clark County, a large population area in Nevada, Joe Biden received 19,995 votes in the latest ballot drop, and President Trump received 9,357, King reported. That means Joe Biden received 65% of the votes.

“This tells you all you need to know. In the new votes Joe Biden gets 65%. Statewide, he’s just shy of 50% … So, new votes come, Joe Biden is doing better, he builds the lead,” King explained
“Donald Trump, right now, knowing that he’s behind in Pennsylvania, behind in Georgia, behind in Arizona. If the dynamics of the race are going to change, Donald Trump cannot keep coming in underneath Joe Biden and he certainly can’t keep coming in with Joe Biden getting 65% when we get a batch of new votes,” King added.

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It’s almost noon ET. This is who’s leading in 5 states that could decide the presidency.

The race for the White House is still too close to call.

CNN has not yet made a projection in several key states, and neither Joe Biden nor President Trump have received the 270 electoral votes needed to win. Right now, Biden has 253 electoral votes to Trump’s 213. If Biden wins Pennsylvania, he’s over the 270 electoral vote threshold.

Here’s a look at where things stand in five key states we’re watching right now:

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