Bobi Wine tasks govt to account for Covid-19 money, relief food

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Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi addresses the media at his home near Kampala. FILE PHOTO 


Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine, has called on the government to account for the relief items and money that has been given to the Covid-19 National Taskforce.

Addressing a press conference at the People Power headquarters in Kamwokya, a Kampala suburb, yesterday, Bobi Wine said the taskforce has continued to ask for more money from the public but without publicly showing how the other contributions have been utilised.

“The taskforce has gone ahead to ask for Shs10,000 from Ugandans but they have not laboured to tell us what the money and relief items they have been receiving since March has done. We need this report because the people that are not working are the ones that they continue to squeeze money from,” he said.

As of last week, the taskforce indicated that they had received Shs28b with Shs15b in cash and Shs13b worth of vehicles, food stuffs and other relief items.

Team’s rationale
Mr Emmanuel Katongole, the taskforce chairperson, told Daily Monitor that they are targeting Shs170b which would be used to construct isolation facilities and buy at least 1,350 vehicles for all districts in the country.

“We have not touched the money that we have received because we want to buy the vehicles in bulk. If we buy one by one, we shall not get a good deal. We ask that Ugandans trust us,” Mr Katongole said.

“This Shs10,000 will just help to boost the amount of money we need. Let people not take it in bad faith,” he added.

During yesterday’s press conference, Bobi Wine said government should treat equally Ugandans stuck in the diaspora because of the closure of borders and airports and repatriate them at the same time.

“There are Ugandans in China that are facing persecution because of their skin colour. Some friends and I wrote to the government to allow them be airlifted to the country and they refused. We are still calling for the same but it is disheartening that some people who are close to power are doing the opposite,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Lewis Rubongoya, the People Power executive secretary, said they have been consulting their supporters through different platforms and their manifesto will be launched soon.

“We tried to consult the people formally and we were frustrated but we have used other means. We shall be launching it soon because the NRM have lied to the country so much with their manifesto. There are many gaps in their manifesto,” he said.

Culled from Daily Monitor.

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