Bottrop Kindergarten Donates 4500 Facemasks To Curb COVID-19

Mamos Media

By Lamin Fatty

Bottrop Kindergarten Project in Germany, through the leadership of Wolfgang Gerrit, has provided 4500 protective masks to Bottrop Project Gambia as part of efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The masks were made in the Gambia and was distributed to the Alikalo of Brikama, Lamin VDC Chairman, Brikama Jalanba Alikalo, Kembujeh Islamic Boarding School, Mandinka Alikalo, Rural Child Association, individuals, and including 500 Mask to the Kindergartens and Staffs at the School, and communities that are facing shortages to assist the country’s efforts to combat COVID-19.

“We hope this cements the strong relationship we share with Bottrop Project, and that the Mask will save Gambian lives,” said Pa Haruna Jagana the country Coordinator.

“This donation of potentially life-saving face masks is indicative of the respect and value we hold for our Kindergartens and the communities in the country” he said.

According to him, Since the Coronavirus outbreak Bottrop Project has been very significant to the communities because our first campaign against the virus was in March, were we donated Hand Washing Tanks, Hand Sanitizers and Foods to the red cross officers station at Dasilameh Border, Giboro Border, Dimbaya Border, Farato Health Centre and some Radio stations within the community.

He said that Bottrop Project aimed is not only on Kindergartens education but with such global pandemic, we deemed it necessary to strengthen our efforts and joined in hand with the Gambia Government and other donors to fight against this invisible enemy.

Mr Jagana further advice the community for the importance of wearing a face Mask, “the risk of COVID-19 being present in the community is higher, therefore when people cannot maintain physical distancing of more than two metres, such as on public transport, at work places or in shops, face masks will be particularly important. Wearing a face mask can reduce the risk of people who have COVID-19, spreading the virus to others. A face mask can help stop infectious droplets spreading when they speak, laugh, cough or sneeze” he said.

Musa Jammeh a beneficiary said, “We are overwhelmed and grateful for the face Mask we received from Bottrop Poject. And it came at a time when we really needed it. We thank Bottrop Project for saving our communities from spreading the virus and we are so much grateful for their kind gesture.”

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