Breaking News: Gambia: “NAWEC Is Facing Serious Management Crisis” Says NAWEC Staff

Mamos Media

Credible source from Gambia’s main National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) has revealed to MAMOS Media that the Company is facing serious management crisis under the watch of Alpha Robinson, the Company’s Managing Director.

Restructuring Of NAWEC

NAWEC is said to have received millions of dollars from World Bank for “Infrastructural” and “consultancy” work to restructure the company, but it is said that the MD’s management style and the appointments of person (s) as group heads or directors has demotivated the staff. In fact, the source who pleaded anonymity, said some of these appointments have not met the requirements for positions such as Head of Generation, Transmission and Distribution who should be a Masters holder but the person appointed is a HND holder. The same thing is said about the Customer Relation who is due for retirement but was given a 3-year contract even before her retirement.

The source said so many qualified Gambians, some of whom have worked in the Company for decades were turned down during recruitment and it was given to a water consultant’s relative who later turned it down and the position still remained vacant.

“During recruitment, the request was Masters Degree but they will asked for CVs instead of certificates to do shortlisting,” the source said.

The source also said the positions of Corporate Services and Finance Group Directors are still not filled while the Director of Audit Group is filled by Inter-Audit Director.  

According to the source, the Company has a plan to separate the water supply to become its own entity that might lead to a high price of water bill throughout the country.

“If that happens, the price of water may go up because the amount of electricity used in water production would be charge towards the cost of water that will likely raise the tariff. They will put meters in all the boreholes,” the source disclosed.        

Management Style

The source further revealed that the MD has distanced himself away from the staff to the extent that even the directors have to book an appointment before they could see him. It is said that he would not greet anyone at the office and he alone approves everything, procurements, cheques and fueling of vehicles for trek etc.

It is also said there is no new long-term training neither staff loan or building loan nor salary increment for the past two years even after the government has increased salaries. However, the same is said about the travelling charges for the junior cadre while the MD himself do travels or at times collect per diem without even travelling especially his canceled trip to India.

Whether it is a coincidence or not but the source said the Managing Director himself, including the Human Resource Director and Customer Relation amongst other are all from Banjul.

“The state of the company doesn’t look good and the staff are not happy because they are comparing themselves to other parastatals most of whom have already effected salary increment.”


It has been said that the MD has taken a total control over the Company’s procurement department since his appointment until recently one Mr Jobe, a retired official was said to be appointed as the Procurement Manager.

According to the Source, NAWEC had a Crude Oil Contract with Castol Fuel Company prior to MD Robinson who allegedly terminated the contract upon his appointment leaving an outstanding amount of ten thousand tons. He has allegedly given the contract to one Edi Jobe of Elton Company who charges higher than the former with a lesser quality. During this period the Company was using light fuel from Elton (Edi Jobe) to flush the tanks.

“This has cost NAWEC tens of millions of Dalasi,” the source revealed.


According to the source, the Karpowership, a Turkish Company has signed a two-year contract with NAWEC to supply a base load of 30 Megawatts of electricity on daily basis. But, still Brikama and Kotu Power Stations have to operate in parallel with Karpowership to stable the electricity supply as it cannot operate on its own.

“NAWEC is paying over $3 Million US Dollars to Karpowership every month.”

Yet, the source has said the Turkish Company is taking capacity charges on total kilowatt production of electricity including leakages of both commercial and technical loses and by some account these could be up to 20 to 25 percent but still NAWEC is paying 100 percent.

Sewage At Kotu

The source further revealed that the sewage facility at Kotu was built by NAWEC but it is controlled by a white lady who was given the facility since the former regime of Yahya Jammeh and she is still taking charge of the place. It is said to be built from the tax payers’ money as it is the only facility operating in the Greater Banjul Area. She is charging D250 per truck to empty waste.

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