Breaking News: Junguler Malick Boye arrested

Mamos Media

Information reaching Mamos TV has indicated that Captain Malick Boye, a member of former president Yaya Jammeh's hit squad (lethal killers referred to as Jungulers) has been arrested .

According to our source, Boye was arrested on Friday by the military police.

He is currently detained at the Yundum military barracks where he is helping the security in their investigation.
Boye he is suspected to have participated in many alleged killings including the killing of one Mariama Camara and her husband at Hamza Barracks, when Mariama’s husband started “making noise”, about her pregnancy which Yahya Jammeh reportedly wanted her to keep in secret.

The government has since last year arrested many members of the Jammeh hit squad. They are all being investigated for crimes they committed against innocent Gambians.

However, some of their leaders, probably the most wanted among them are still at large.

Major Lamin K. Sanyang, the spokesperson of the Gambia Armed Forces confirmed the arrest of Malick Boye.

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