Breaking News: Murdered Gambian soldier was allegedly beaten to death by PIU officers

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Security sources reaching Gainako this afternoon has indicated that the Gambian Soldier who was killed and dumped in a well in Madiana was allegedly beaten by Police Intervention Unit stationed between Tanji and Brufut. The source reported that an alleged eyewitness source who saw the PIUs beating the soldier reported the incident to the Military Police at Yundum that he saw the PIUs beating the soldier and later threw him in the well.

Readers may recalled that Gambian online papers including this medium reported the killing of a Gambian active duty soldier by the name of Sheriffo Kubaji who was killed and thrown in a well near Tanji. The report further revealed that Mr. Kujabi used a different name to enlist into the military using the name Babucarr MS Bah. His real name was identified by people who recognized his picture and are currently serving in the security forces.

The murder incident is creating a lot of confusion and panic among citizens who are wondering what is happening to security in the New Gambia. Many citizens have expressed concerns over the security situation and are questioning what the authorities are doing to curb violence and security breach in the country.

Additional questions and concerns have been raise on security chiefs, the minister of Interior and by default the Barrow government on their actions towards addressing these urgent security matters. Citizens are particularly concerned about the lack of efforts to thoroughly look into the personnel of Gambian military in an effort to purge or identify soldiers who were recruited through backdoor channels during the Jammeh dictatorship. Recent security breaches have raised the alarm on what the government is doing about cracking down on increasing murder cases and violence.

What led to the PIU to allegedly beat on this soldier and dump his body in a well is beyond comprehension. It is well known that the Gambia security apparatus were very divided and demoralized during the Jammeh dictatorship. Several security personnel were subjected to torture, arrest and in some instances were killed without accountability. Most of crimes were perpetuated by a group of soldiers called the Junglers who were responsible for these crimes. No serious efforts have been mounted to reconcile these differences within the security apparatus. Wounds and pain continue to be suppressed within these institutions.

Gainako reached out to the authorities for comments on the matter but efforts were not successful in reaching the Police spokesman and the minister of interior. Efforts are under way to obtain a statement or comment from the authorities on the security situation in the country.

Source: Culled from Gainako News online..

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