BREAKING NEWS: SENEGAL Tests Prove COVID-19 Organics Works!

Mamos Media

The Senegalese scientific committee confirms the effectiveness of the Malagasy remedy and gives the green light as to its use in Senegal.

After receiving a sample of the COVID- 19organics, a Malagasy remedy for the coronavirus, Senegalese scientists said that clinical trials have approved the effectiveness of the remedy.

It was during an interview granted to Professor Daouda Ndiaye by Radio Futurs Medias (RFM) that the Professor Epidemiologist and Head of the Parasitology-Mycology Service of the University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar confirmed the effectiveness of the Malagasy remedy.

“We are moving towards the use of artemisia (Covid-19 Organics). On our side on the scientific level, our light is green […]. We are going to organize ourselves to see how we can reproduce the same formula or order the remedy to give it to the Senegalese, ”says Daouda Ndiaye.


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