Brikama Area Council Dissolves Kafuta VDC

Mamos Media

Muhammed L Bojang

The Kafuta Village Development Committee (VDC) has finally been dissolved by a resolution of the councilors of the Brikama Area Council, according to a decision reached at the BAC’s General Council sitting held on Tuesday, acting on the recommendations of the findings of the VDC/Ward Development Committee Conflict Resolution Committee.

The VDC/WDC conflict resolution of the council, in collaboration with the Department of Community Development to duly coordinate the formation of a new VDC in the village as per Section 92 (1) of the Local Government Act, 2002, a vindicating of the Concerned Citizens of Kafuta Village. The council’s resolution was communicated to all the stakeholders and relevant parties.

The dissolution of the VDC means that Kafuta will soon have a new VDC made up of people who would bring development to Kafuta.

It could be recalled that the Concerned Citizens of Kafuta had raised complaints against the executive members of the Kafuta VDC, to the Brikama Area Council in July 2020, accusing them of non-conformity with the laws of the Gambia. The group further lodged a police complaint against their VDC for embezzlement of the village funds, which complaint is still with the police. However, the outcome of the Area Council’s investigations were in favour of the Concerned Citizens leading to the council passing the resolution to dissolve the VDC.

Lawyer Yankuba Darboe, a member of the Concerned Citizens, reacting to the news told Mamos Media that “this is great news for the village of Kafuta and for the first time the village will have a VDC that will serve the interest of the village and not that of selfish and corrupt people in the village, who embezzled a lot of funds belonging to the village.”

Mr. Darboe said the new VDC will be transparent and accountable to the people for every butut earned for the village. He said that is something the Concerned Citizens will strive to hold the new VDC to account. He noted that they will also make sure the next VDC invests in the development of the village, including the completion of the Kafuta market in collaboration with the market committee of the village, ensure electricity reached Nema and Mbulla wards of the village and other parts of the village and to ensure that the village had water supply and street lights. He said they wanted nothing less from their next VDC than the development of the village.

Mr. Darboe further extended special thanks to the Ward Councilor of the village Balamusa Darboe for his efforts and support to the Concerned Citizens.

Mr. Malang Jatta, the Chairperson of the dissolved VDC, when contacted for comments, told Mamos Media that the letter from the Brikama Area Council had been received, but all that he can confirm was that they were still the VDC.


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