Building the New Gambia: Election Materials; Marbles vs Paper Ballots

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by Madi Jobarteh

I strongly hold that The Gambia should continue using the marbles and the metallic ballot drums.

The marbles are cheaper to produce, store, transport and manage than paper or any other voting material.

The marbles are more durable and far less complicated and easier to understand than paper ballots.

The marbles and ballot drums are far less likely to cause confusion hence limit invalid or void votes than paper ballots.

The marbles are more user friendly and less prone to cheating and absolutely impossible for ballot stuffing.

The use of marbles do not require literacy to understand. A voter just needs to recognize the face of her candidate and the colour or symbol of the party or candidate in order to cast her ballot.

Counting of marbles is more direct and far quicker and easier than paper. The incidence of mistakes is far less with marbles than with paper.

Paper ballots are more costly to produce and are not re-usable. They require lot more voter education to understand how to use. Because it requires some amount of literacy this makes paper ballots less user friendly.

I have observed elections in other countries using paper and I have noticed clear differences that convince me that marbles are far better than paper ballots.

Paper ballots may appear more modern and fanciful than marbles but it’s all just in the name and nothing more. In practice marbles serve the purpose better than paper!

Above all the marbles make The Gambia unique in the world in the use of election materials. That’s a status that earns a country a place in world records! That is a good feeling indeed! Without a joke!!’

For The Gambia Our Homeland

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