Chinese company supports staff with Ramadan food items

Mamos Media

By Cherno Omar Bobb

Hansen Seafood Company Limited, a fish processing company that has been operating in the Gambia since 2018 on Sunday gave support to over 80 of its employees with bags of rice, sugar and 10kg of fish each.

The first such gesture since the establishment of the company was held at the company’s Denton Bridge premises and it was aimed at recognizing the hard work and dedication of the staff.

In his intervention, the Chief Executive Officer, Xue Conjlin who said he came to the Gambia 11 years ago and fell in love with the country, conceived the idea to establish the fish processing plant in 2017.

Mr. Xue stated that the company has a high storage and daily processing capacity that is next to none within the region.

Alieu B. Njie, a partner of the company said that they only export high value products outside the Gambia. He added that they also support women fisher folk in various markets by supplying them fish on a sale and return basis. He went on to add that they also support artisanal boats financially by buying fish from them. He said the presence of the company has a great impact on the country’s economy.

Njie further stated that prior to the establishment of the company, a lot of fish used to go bad in the country but they are now able to minimise it.

On his part, the general manager, Xue Yong, said they have been struggling since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic but they have still maintained their staff. He noted that this is because the company’s CEO and management recognise the hard work and dedication of the staff.


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