Citizens’ Alliance (CA) disheartened by APRC-NPP alliance

Mamos Media

Citizens’ Alliance (CA) is disheartened by the recent announcement of an APRC-NPP alliance, a union it believes goes against the very foundation of why President Adama Barrow was elected by the Gambian people in December 2016; a union that has individuals and communities already grappling with the trauma caused by Yahya Jammeh’s 22-year brutal authoritarian regime feeling betrayed and hopeless yet again.

Gambians and friends and supporters of The Gambia are concerned that the regime change that promised to end self-perpetuating rule through constitutional, institutional, electoral, administrative and security reforms to lay the foundation for a system change has been abandoned in favour of a government that represents the interest of a few people, desperate to stay in power at any and all cost while the country faces the risk of sliding back to the dark days of dictatorship which Gambians, supported by the diaspora and international community, fought so hard to break away from.

The executive leadership and members of CA wishe to reiterate its commitment to ensuring that the work of the Commissions established by the Gambian people do not go in vain and that the resulting recommendations and necessary reforms are fully implemented to ensure justice and accountability. CA is now, more than ever, committed to uniting the citizens of this country to build a society where democracy is the order of the day, civil liberties and human rights are respected and impunity is a thing of the past.





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