Clash broke in Wuli after warning of possible bloodshed

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The two villages in Wuli that warned government to act to avoid bloodshed after numerous disputes over rice fields have eventually clashed, The Point has learned.

Police source has confirmed that the attack was first launched by Nyakoi Madina Koto village.

According to sources, Nyakoi Madina Koto attacked when the people of Taibatou went to a hill to collect some stones for building. While on the course, the people of Madina Koto came and said that the hill was theirs and that Taibatou had no to right to touch those stones. However, our sources added that Taibatou did not heed and then the clash broke.

At least five people have been arrested in connection with the issue, according police in Basse.

Four people were injured after the clash. Our sources said that one Mbembanding Jawneh, a native of Taibatou village was seriously injured and  was referred to the Edward Francis Teaching Hospital for treatment.  Reports have it that his hand was broken twice.

Alagie Kebba Sawaneh, Dusu Jatta and Mbakeh Drammeh all from Taibatou village sustained injury and were taken to Yerro Bawol Health Centre.

The Point earlier this month reported that the first dispute over the said rice fields arose between the two villages in 1977, but was settled by the then Chief Muhammed Krubally, who demarcated a boundary for the fields.

This time, both villages called for government’s intervention, warning there was be possible bloodshed if government fails act to arrest the situation.   

Author: Momodou Jawo
The Point Newspaper.
Source: Picture: Mbembanding Jawneh

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