Comedian Expresses Interest To Run For President

Mamos Media

Comedian Expresses Interest To Run For President

Muhammed L Bojang

A popular comedian, Kitabu Fatty, a native of Jarra District, Lower River Region, has expressed his interest in running for President in 2021.

Speaking in a telephone interview with Mamos Media on Friday, Kitabu said it is his love for the country that has driven his ambitions to stake a claim on the nation’s top seat.

Kitabu said the objective of his Progressive Development Party (PDP) is to tackle the challenges facing the nation from all walks of life.

“Presidency is not about your interests but the interests of the people of the country, and today nothing is going well with development. The youths are the backbone of this country but today those youths are not fully engaged, with many of them without jobs,” he remarked.

Speaking on his ambitions, Kitabu lamented his concerns on the recent deportations of young Gambians from Europe, most of whom he said risked their lives through the Mediterranean Sea only to be deported. He similarly added his voice on the recent rise of maternal deaths and the conditions of the country’s civil servants from low salary to the daily traffic hurdles.

“Currently, our technical teams are working on the party manifesto, colour and the brand and everyone will be aware of our programmes and we hope to take this country to another level in terms of infrastructural and socio-economic development,” Kitabu said.

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