Commercial Drivers Embark on Sit-down Strike

Mamos Media

Commercial drivers in The Gambia have refused to adhere to the newly introduced passenger fare tariff effected by the Ministry of Works, Construction and Infrastructure. The Ministry of Transport also said that fuel prices had been reduced since 2013 but fares were not reduced.

Transport union boss had earlier said that the decision is not in their favour and they cannot agree to it.

The new passenger fare reduction started Monday, August 21, 2017 but many drivers did not comply to the rule. They boycotted the decision and did not ply the roads for transportation business, leaving many commuters stranded especially in the Greater Banjul Area.

Passengers will wait for hours without having any vehicle to carry them. Earlier, it was reported that the police are on the ground to monitor the traffic and to ensure that the new fare reduction is respected and applied accordingly.

However, some drivers used the opportunity to go their normal traffic business whilst many others did not comply with the new rule and decided to boycott the traffic.

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