Conference on Migration, Development and Ecological Crisis ends

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The Konzeptwerk New Economy (KNE) in collaboration with the Afrique-Europe Interact has successfully organised a three-day international conference on Migration, Development and Ecological Crisis from the 6th – 8th October, 2017 in Leipzig, Germany.

The conference brought together over 500 participants from various walks of life and from various countries in Europe. The objective of the conference is to give opportunity to people with or without migration background to discuss about ways to achieving a better life for everyone especially migrants and refugees worldwide, etc.

Speaking to Mamos Tv reporter at the end of the conference, Miriam Gutekunst, project coordinator of KNE said the conference served as a forum where participants discussed topics like migration and challenges faced by migrants, climate change, gender equality and ecological crisis from a critical perspective.

She said participants also discussed new ways to find solution to the current problems.

On his part, Steffen Haag, a member of the organising committee in charge of public relations, said participants from various social movements, discussed ways in which refugees and migration with the various ecological crises of our time. He added that other initiatives working to flight and migration, freedom of movement, air, capitalism, agriculture and de-growth – involved were also many Escaped and migrants.

According to him, in 25 workshops on numerous stages, in two days, four of exhibitions and open discussions focused on issues such as the criminalization of migration, the struggles of women for self-determined development to the devastating effects of international trade agreements between Africa and Europe, and therefore, such as climate change causes of flight exacerbated.

“But the topic were also the experiences of people on the run and the situation refugee in Germany,” he remarked.

Ruth Steuerwald, a PHD student in political science, said she likes to hear the different perspectives of the participants at the conference, adding that they have heard voices of people from different countries.

She stated that it’s very much important and challenging to gather these perspectives, adding that it is very challenging but innovative and necessary.

Another participant, Janette who shared her impression of the conference, said it was difficult to merge the topics migration and de-growth.

“During the conference, the difficult often hopeless situation of African migrants in Europe was very present. The theatre play on Saturday was hard to get through yet provoking. The message was clear and I would hope for engaged dialogue and political self-organisation,” she remarked.

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