Congratulation to the Class of 2021 University of The Gambia (UTG) graduates and best wishes for your next adventure

Mamos Media

By Alagi Yorro Jallow

May all your dreams come true and contributes positively to nation-building.
You have worked incredibly hard to get here, and I hope that you are taking a moment to let the full weight of your accomplishment sink in and that you revel in it for a bit. Moreover, to the graduates’ parents, you have to feel an enormous sense of pride and sheer joy in what your child has achieved. So congratulations to all the moms and dads as well!
You, too, will face weighty decisions where knowledge and conscience intertwine throughout your life and career. Moreover, while it may not play out in such a public way, the conflict you will feel will be no less real, and the consequences of your decisions also significant. The time for introspection is all along the way to develop a sense of who you are and what you stand for. Because you never know when you will be called upon to answer that question.
Doing your job means: You are not merely a reflection of someone else’s talents or opinions. You are the person to whom a leader turns when he or she needs to hear the truth. I can tell you that from my experience, both as an emeritus journalist and a lecture, I could trust the advice of the folks around me only if I knew that they would tell me when they thought I was wrong.
So I urge you to grab hold of that arc and do not let go. The people of the Gambia and indeed the world are counting on you. And congratulations again to the class of 2021.

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