Congratulation to the Muslims Umma on completing this spiritually significant month of sacrifice and to reflect on the importance of the Holy month of Ramadan

Mamos Media

May Allah accept our commissions and forgiven our omissions in the blessed month of Ramadan, Kareem.
In the Eid Al Fitr celebration spirit, all Muslim faithful should honor the Prophet Muhammad (S) by following his shining examples of non-violence, peaceful disposition, and remarkable virtues of patience and putting into practice the extraordinary virtues for which the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S) is historically famous and revered would have a far more significant impact on changing our attitudes and behaviors than the best sermons ever will.
Religion should be the moral compass for all believers in their public and personal lives. If people allow the teachings of their religions to influence their conduct, problems such as corruption, which diverts public funds to private pockets, would have been eliminated in society. Selfishness and greed have overcome the conscience of some individuals to the extent that they do not have moral inhibitions in the pursuit of their desire and greed. It is impossible to separate morality from religion. Removing this connection will encourage corrupt leaders and other exploiters to commit atrocities against society.
We always wonder why any true believer, be they politicians, civil servants, or businessmen, would seek to make profits from the misfortunes of others. We hope religious leaders always pray for peace and unity in the country during this political and election season and avoid making inflammatory utterances that can endanger peace or promote conflicts.
Similarly, we call on President Adama Barrow with his administration to assure Gambians that their twenty-two years of sacrifices will not be in vain to try to address public sector restructuring and new public management reforms. Thus reforming a country that was pushed into near decay on account of corruption, impunity should not come with teething pains.

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