Consultations and convincing businesses in Norway that the environment in Gambia is condusive for foreign investment

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We had a long and hectic 5days of business meetings in Gambia. After months of working, identifying, conducting workshops, Consultations and convincing businesses in Norway that the environment in Gambia is condusive for foreign investment, we finally made it down to the Gambia. It was a very ambitious schedule that concluded successfully.

We are so impressed with the expertise, knowledge and professionalism of both the Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and their technical teams. This gave us hope that with the right tools and guidiance we can build the smiling coast again. We travelled with investors with expertise in Energy, Health, Construction, Agriculture, Tourism, Land, Media etc. We must admit that the level of organisation was very impressive, even in the absence of the 2 Ministers of Land and Tourism we had fruitful discussions with the experts in their relevant fields. Facilities like hospitals, GPMP, etc were visited by the investors for a need assessment. The discussion concluded with 6 letters of intent by the investors.

One thing we will like to emphasis is that during all our interactions with the investors we made it very clear that we are looking for socially responsible investors not those that will come to exploit our people but will build instead the capacity of the Gambian people. We want a win/win situation and we were very happy that all the ministries and departments echoed the same sentiment.

Among our role as Gambia House is to facilitate and encourage foreign investors to invest and consider Gambia as one of the countries they can invest in safely. As well as bringing opportunities that will benefit the Gambian people.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, their support staff, the Vice President and the President for their time, support and readiness to move this country forward. A special thanks to Hon. Dr Isatou Touray, Minister for Trade, Regional Integration and employment and her whole team for the wonderful coordination and support in making this a succesful trip! This trip has left in the minds of the investors that Gambians are ready to move this country.

The work is huge but together we can do it. Whiles we continue to hold the government accountable we will continue to pursue opportunities for the country.

We appologies for our inability to meet up with friends, family and comrades in the struggle, it was an ambitious schedule due to the nature of our work and family situation. We will definately come back for a proper reunion.

We extend our special thanks to Gibril Faal and Cherno Bah for their tremendous support, advices, meetings, consultations and even conducting our workshop for the investors in preparation of our journey from Norway.

We hope for the best and this is our start of our role in nation building.

Neneh Bojang Mamadi Ceesay Ba Jabbi Kejau Touray Gibril Faal Cherno Bah

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