Corruption at NDEA?

Mamos Media

Staff of the country's National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDEA) are complaining about an alleged embezzlement of funds by their Director General Bakary Gassama and staff of the Finance Unit of the Drug Squad.
Gassama and staffs of the NDEA Finance Unit are accused of embezzling monies that drug law enforcement officers have been contributing since 2010. 
According to some angry staff members who wished to remain anonymous, they have been contributing D100 (One hundred dalasis) each to their 'Bus Deduction fund' and also to the 'Welfare Fund' for 8 years now and have not seen any money. 
They accused the DG Bakary Gassama and his staff at the Drug Squad's Finance Unit of joining the two accounts and cannot still produce the print outs of the monies deposited into that joint account. 
"We were informed that the monies in these accounts were stolen by our DG Bakary Gassama and his close associates in the agency and after the revelations made by Bamba Mass some months ago, they started enlightening the staff about the funds in these accounts. These two separate accounts are different and we cannot understand why they should join the accounts together without the knowledge of the staff members. They cannot even produce the monies that were deposited in various accounts. The DG Bakary Gassama is a very corrupt man," said one of the angry staffs. 
Another staff member said Bakary Gassama lobbied for his position through General Saul Badjie who was Jammeh's right hand.
"Also, there are allegations that while Bakary Gassama was working at the defunct NIA as Finance director some years ago, he used to supply the jungulars with fuel and I can confirm for you that he did the same fuel supply for the Jungulars during the country's political impasse. He used to give them special allowances also from the NDEA monies," said another source from the agency. 
The source added: "We are appealing to His Excellency President Adama Barrow to redeploy or dismiss this corrupt man Bakary Gassama from the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency."
It would be recalled that the former IGP Ben Jammeh started the Bus Deduction Fund Initiative with the police since 2008 and they continued and bought some buses for the staff of the police. Ben did the same initiative for the NDEA in 2010 when he was appointed as DG.

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