Councilor Lambasts Kerewan Area Council For Not Doing Their Work

Mamos Media

By Ousman A. Marong

The Councilor for Essau Ward in the North Bank Region, Kebba A. Jallow, has accused the Kerewan Area Council (KAC) of not doing their work as expected.
Speaking on Sunday during a radio programme with Niumi FM, Mr. Jallow accused the KAC of not following up on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on youth empowerment he had signed with a municipality in Senegal.
“I am very much disappointed with the Kerewan Area Council. They are not doing what is expected of them. Imagine, I have signed an MoU with Mbao municipality since last year on community development and youth participation through sports. I laid down all my plans and presented it to KAC, but they never got back to me,” lamented Mr. Jallow.
He remarked that Senegal’s economy is bigger than that of the Gambia and therefore, he said it is important that “we try to partner with them so that they can help us.” He said the objective of signing the MoU was to bring development to the doorsteps of the people of his area. However, he said he had not been able to realise the objectives of the MoU because the KAC has failed to make the necessary follow to ensure that it was implemented.
The banker-cum-politician however said he will make sure his partnership with Mbao would never die. He described himself as a developmental activist and not a politician, adding that the reason why he left banking to join politics was because he was following on the footsteps of his namesake, the late Kebba Jallow. He vowed never to allow politics to separate him from his people.
Commenting on the problems of the Banjul/Barra ferry crossing, he said the way the ferries were operating was not good. He said Niumi is one of the most important entry points into the capital city and therefore, he said a proper system should have been put in place.
“The world is moving forward in the right direction but the Gambia seems to be going nowhere. We always seem to be going backwards instead,” he remarked.

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