Creative Arts Designer Urges Paradigm Shift

Mamos Media

By Sheriff Saidykhan

Creative Art Designer Foday Jobarteh, has said the country needs to take a new approach into creative art and design.

Jobarteh said creative art is rapidly evolving, due to exorbitant price costs of tiles among others. He has made these remarks during an interview with MAMOS MEDIA at his residence in Tabokoto.

“Creative art is a very noble profession. It is massively evolving, because it beautify homes, shops and walls. Art and design is very nice for beautification purposes; it is affordable, even if you don’t have money” Foday Jobarteh stated.

The art designer said he enjoined into artistic work at the age of 11yrs, under the tutelage of his brother.

“I started the work of creative art and design when I was at the age 11yrs, under the guidance of my brother. During those period we designed lot of things ranging from faces of people, birds, trees and animals,” he said.

He further stated that creative art has for the past years been at the hub of attraction, urging youths to venture into artistic work.

“Art and design started many years ago, and it contributes a lot to the development of society. It is good for youngsters to go into artistic work, because it is a profession that creates beauty,” he remarked.

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