Darboe addresses supporters at his residence

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By Adama Tine

After 13 days of nationwide political campaign by the United Democratic Party (UDP), the presidential candidate and party leader lawyer Ousainou Darboe on Friday stood before supporters to address and commend them for their support and the march from Brikama to his residence in Pipeline.

“It was the most spectacular tour by the United Democratic Party. Gambians across all walks of life from Barra to Pasamass and from Fatoto to Banjul joined us. I have heard their concerns they shared with us,” Darboe said.

Those concerns, he added, are not only unique to people in the rural areas but should be universally applicable to all Gambians.

“Gambians, this is the election that you will make a choice between a leader that is self centered and a leader that is not; this is the election that you will make a choice between a leader that has concern over the economic progress of this country and one that is concerned only about his personal well-being,” he said.

Darboe continued, “compatriots, this is the election that Gambians should choose between a leader who lives by his words and one who does not.”

According to him, “when we went to the polls in 2016, we were looking forward to a Gambia that we all would be proud of. Basic things such as the constitution which would have laid the foundation for a New Gambia have been thrown away in the dustbin. President Adama Barrow ignored the Gambia’s agenda for his own personal gains,” Darboe claimed.

“You have to make a choice between a leader who wants to fight corruption and a leader who encourages corruption. We have seen what has happened at the Kanifing Municipal Council when the Lord Mayor, convinced by the ideas and philosophy of the United Democratic Party that corruption has no place in The Gambia,” he further said.

“The mayor took appropriate steps to ensure that the corruption malpractices going on there were properly addressed but the executive intervened and ensured that the people suspected continued to be in office,” he also said.

“My compatriots, we come to offer you a government that is different from this current government; we come to offer you a government that will run service to the people of The Gambia; a government that will fight corruption to the letter,” he noted.

A UDP government, Darboe revealed, will look after the welfare of the ordinary Gambians, live by its words and look after the environment.


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