Darboe promises salary for Madrassa teachers across the country

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

Ousainou Darboe, Secretary General and leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP) has said that: “Understanding that there are many Madrassas here in Upper Saloum and also knowing that those teachers are not paid by the children’s parents, I and my executive have deemed it necessary to allocate salary to all Madrassa teachers,” said Darboe.

“If other teachers are paid on monthly basis, why not Madrassa and Daara teachers too. We want to treat all teachers equally because they all are doing the same good work for children of this nation,” he added.

Darboe, made the statement on Monday in Bati Ndar community, Upper Saloum during his campaign tour that brought out a good number of people from various communities in the Upper Saloum area.

According to him, “I understand that both the children and their parents have to work for the Madrassa teachers in their farms as appreciation for teaching their children and feeding them at the Madrassas”.

The UDP leader added that it has come to his notice that the owners of the Madrassas take responsibility of the children when they are sick and in various areas as well as feed them without any payment.

“In our view in that regard as a party that has great love for its citizens especially for the future leaders of this country, we want to take charge of the feeding of the children and take care of their health when elected”.

In my life, I do not make promises because of the great value involved in making promises but to you the people of Bati Ndar, I will promise you today that the water shortage that you have been crying for over the years will come to an end as soon as possible.”

“Before the elections I will send someone here and you show him a location where you would want him to dig a borehole for you. This is a promise from me and from my heart to you”. Darboe affirmed.


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