Darboe promises to build 500 boreholes across the country in 5 years

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

Secretary General and party leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP) lawyer Ousainou Darboe has said that: “A UDP government will build 100 boreholes every year which in five years would accumulate to 500 boreholes.”

Darboe who was speaking at Kerr Katim village in Niamina West when he made these remarks added that a UDP government will in 10 years make sure every community in the country have access to clean water especially those in rural Gambia.

Darboe lamented over the lack of access to clean water that the people had been facing and also said that the government has promised them a lot and that none was fulfilled.

The UDP presidential candidate said: “People of Kerr Katim, while you were crying over lack of access to water few minutes ago, a friend of mine who is also a true supporter of UDP said I should inform you that before December 4th, someone will come here to build you a borehole”.

“I should inform you that he is not giving you the borehole because he wants you to vote for UDP but he Is doing it after hearing the people of the community crying for water,” he said, adding that he is doing it for humanitarian purpose and also for the fact that he is a patriotic Gambian who loves his people. 

Addressing youths of the community, Darboe said: “youths of Kerr Katim, your future is a great concern for us especially in our 5 Point Agenda. We are aware that a lot of youths from Niamina West left this soil for the back-way.”

“So many youths from this community left through the Sahara desert; a lot of them died on the way; some were eaten by wild animals; some died in the sea and many were even eaten by dogs and that is because the government has not been taking good care of its youths,” he noted.

According to him, a UDP government will make sure youths do not lose their lives through the back-way again. A UDP government, he added, will make sure every youth who wants to travel for greener pastures overseas will go through a visa process.

The UDP leader said a UDP government will create requisite skill centers for youths and will also create a lot of good job opportunities that would benefit them and their families.

Darboe urged the youths of the community to remain peaceful during the election period.

Fafa Ceesay, a native and community leader at Kerr Katim assured the UDP leader that his community is 100% UDP and come December 4th they would prove it as promised.


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