Darboe stunned by support received in Baddibu

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

In the ongoing Gambia’s political campaign for the presidential elections scheduled for 4th December, the United Democratic Party (UDP), under the leadership of their presidential candidate lawyer Ousainou Darboe on Sunday received a rousing welcome in Baddibu, North Bank Region.

Speaking during the tour, Sulayman Saho, National Assembly member for Central Baddibu constituency, said the UDP and Gambia For All (GFA) coalition is a very genuine and strong partnership that would give Gambians the hope to rejoice and live happily with unity and prosperity. He added that the coalition would give youths their utmost due in all that they have been seeking for the past 27 years. “A UDP and GFA government wouldn’t compromise the health of the people”.

Saho said: “The coalition under the leadership of our party leader lawyer Ousainu Darboe would lead Gambia to its glory. Darboe is a man with abundant knowledge on law ethics. He is a great leader. He has great concern on women as well as knows all the constraints faced by the youths of this country”.

According to him, Bakary B. Dabo is another great leader with a wide knowledge in international relations and a diplomat that knows how to work with other countries as well as knows the best countries to work with to develop The Gambia.

“President Barrow once came here, spent a night here and promised you the people of Sallikenni a lot that he fulfilled none. He betrayed you the people of Baddibu. President Barrow promised you that when he becomes president he will construct your road and that never happened,” he also said.

Jainaba Mass, a prominent figure of UDP and Salikenni village on behalf of a large crowd of women behind her, assured that UDP has 100% support in Salikenni.

She said in Salikenni, UDP rules and no other party. “Here in Salikenni, youths, men and women have so much love and trust for lawyer Ousainou Darboe and for the trust and good leadership he possesses, we would 100% vote for UDP”.

From Fass Njaga Choi; Aljamdu; Niumi Lamen, Nuimi Dasilami; Kerewan; Salikenni, the small villages along the way to Farafenni, said that UDP is a great political party that has strong base with genuine supporters across the country.


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