Darboe urges citizens to maintain peace for security of tourism season

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By Adama Tine 

Ousainou Darboe, leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP), on Saturday after casting his vote for the December 4th presidential elections urged citizens to maintain peace and stability for the security of the country’s tourism sector.

Speaking to the press at Fajara after his vote, Darboe said: “I would implore every Gambian to stay calm and  no one should engage in any act of provocation whether by conduct or by word for if you do so, we would be destabilizing our country; we would be giving opportunity to anarchist to put this country into chaos and that is nobody’s interest.”

“As I said at Bakoteh, remember we are in the tourist season so the slightest disturbance in this country will drive away all the tourists and that will lead to the laying off of several young people who are working in the tourism industry,” Darboe said.

According to the UDP leader, their party manifesto advocates for youth employment, so they would not do anything that will affect the position of those who are already engaged in the tourism sector, adding that all should remain cool and calm.

Meanwhile, he expressed gratitude to the government for giving him a thirty-two-man contingent that provided his security throughout his campaign.

However, Momodou Sabally, a strong supporter of the party said: “I have confident on the IEC that the election will be free and fair and Gambians would accept whatever result is declared and we believe our candidate Ousainou Darboe will win.”

He said: “the turnout at the polling station is impressive and it signifies that young people of The Gambia still believe change in the country, adding that change is going to happen as UDP will install the next president of the country.

Marie Sock who recently expressed her backing for the party said: “we are expecting to jubilate;  we are expecting that this is the turnaround for Gambians, this is what we have been waiting for and we expect that we will win and things would change for the better because this is a government not a coalition and hopefully UDP will finally get its actual government.”

“Please vote for your future; this is the moment of truth; I have voted for Ousainou Darboe because I believe he can take the country where it needs to be,” she said.


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